An Inside Look At Impact Coaching

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Here’s an inside look at the experience, features, and benefits of Impact Coaching!

Completely Digital Experience

Impact coaching uses cloud-based software to deliver you what we believe is an unforgettable experience. 

Getting Started

To kick our coaching off, we’ll take you through a visioning process to get clear on your purpose, your motivations, and your goals. 

Your Personal Dashboard Map

After our visioning meeting, you will get your own personalized Trello Dashboard that’s setup for success. On the dashboard there are sections for us to organize your motivation and purpose, smart defined goals, next actions, habits, your achievements, resources, and a meeting list. 


Weekly Meetings

Each week, we’ll meet with you on a video conferencing tool called Zoom to cover a new topic and discuss what’s working, where you are stuck, and what we can do to help. (If you do happen to be local to us in Massachusetts, we are happy to meet and connect in person each week!)  

In between meetings, we are available via email and slack to answer any questions you may have about your next steps and reaching your goals. 

Quantify Your Progress

To help you track your progress and achievements, we customize a personal typeform for you as you progress towards your goals. The typeform is a great way to check in and journal your challenges and achievements for the day.  


Customize Your Experience

Once we get a baseline for how we can best serve you, we open up the toolbox of guides, habits, research, technology and more to get you to your goals. 

We have personally tested and developed materials and content for:

  • Supercharging Your Habits
  • Designing Your Ideal Day and Week
  • Getting Things Done (David Allen Productivity Methodology
  • Implementing and Using Productivity Software
  • Becoming an email wizard  
  • Lifestyle and Wellness hacks that will change your life  
  • Building a work/home environment for success 
  • Optimize your technology notifications and inputs
  • Scaling productivity and project management for small teams 

Each offering takes 2-4 weeks to complete and includes curated content from leading experts, strategies to adapt new habits and technology, and original Reaction action guides. We are always building out our offering 🙂 ! 



Why Reaction

  • Gain the knowledge and decision-making models necessary to make smart decisions in your daily work-life and prioritize your actions to achieve your goals
  • Grow through self-investment. Our goal-tracking typeform gives you immediate feedback on how to steer yourself towards your goals during our program, and beyond 
  • Accelerate your success through the 1000’s of hours we’ve spent learning and testing productivity software, systems, and habits. 

Get More Of What You Want, And Less Of What You Don’t.




Patrick Danahy

Patrick Danahy

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