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with a curated suite of products & services delivered by a cooperatively owned agency.

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Our full product suite is the curated list of solutions from all Team R3SET partners that we’ve found to have an intimate and important impact on a communities ability to transform themselves. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the R3SET Agency?

We are a cooperatively owned agency focused on collaborative community transformation and economic development

How Does It Work?

We use a suite of media, events, education, and technology to create thriving communities. 

What is the R3SET Foundation?

The R3SET Enterprises is a community investment and  

What is Team R3SET?

Team R3SET is a hub of information for the community to connect and curate it’s own resources, including media, events, and education.

What do you mean you're a cooperative?

R3SET Agency is structured as a multi-stakeholder cooperative, with shared ownership and profit-sharing with our members.

What's all the 3's about?

We started to use 3’s in our name to represent 3 things. It represents the 3 levels of impact that we consider; ourselves. our communities, and our world. It also represents the 3 planes we consider, mind, body, and spirit. And it is a tribute to the fact that we’re a benefit corporation. 

What is the SUCC3SS Method?

The SUCC3SS Method is a process of economic and community development. 

How Do I Get Involved?

The first place to get involved is to join Team R3SET.  It’s a free platform (you do have to apply though) where you can find resources and communities who share you’re values and goals. Once you’re a member, you can hire from the R3SET Agency, share your stories with SP3AK EASY, make suggestions for our Roadmap, or invest with R3SET Enterprises.

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We invest in, develop, and test models of collaboration and innovation.

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