How We Work With


An Overview

About THe Problem

During COVID -19, we encountered many challenges. There was a complete shutdown of our local communities. We got the information, resources, and services for individuals, organizations, and businesses. We experienced a communication challenge in connecting local communities to help in real-time in one central interactive location. 

About the Solution

The EL3VATE platform bridges the communication and relationship gap between the community stakeholders and the larger organizations, state agencies, and municipalities.

Our vision

We’re creating a way for a community of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and activists to use radical collaboration to create the world’s best community transformation model.

Who Do We Partner With?

Municipalities & Governments
Economic Development Corporations
Public & Private Foundations
Arts & Cultural Institutions
Local & Online Groups
Chambers of Commerce
Entrepreneurs & Executives
Artists & Creatives
Community Leaders & Activists

How it Works


Fill out a Team Charter, defining the partnership, it's purpose, and how we might work together


Explore Current Problems, Existing Opportunities, and Potential Solutions


Create an Impact Charter that transparently outlines the goals, responsibilities, related deliverables, schedule, and risks of the agreement


Connect with a project, program, or community with shared goals & values


Share and Incorporate Learning into the next development cycle

Collaborate with us on the first open-innovation
model for the complex needs of 
community transformation.

About Us

We invest in, develop, and test models of collaboration and innovation.

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