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Inclusive Leadership ID3A Jam

  • Posted 2 years ago

In many ways, our idea jam method can be applied many ways to impact ‘Community-based transformation”’ 

At Team R3SET, we believe “Success Is for Everyone, ” As a For Benefit company, we have committed a large part of our innovative tools and strategies towards advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. However, when adopting new and inclusive ways to move us toward a more equitable society, we must listen to the communities we intend to serve. It is all about community-focused design that drives positive impact.

When Lori Kielly, Regional President of Berkshire Bank, told me about their project in the Multi-Cultural Bridge Inclusive Leadership program. “Building Racial Equity through more Inclusive Board Participation,” I  immediately suggested that they do an Idea jam with the leaders of the  Berkshire Black Community to gain incite into their experience and here some of their idea and strategies effectively addressing this problem.

Therefore, it was an excellent opportunity for Team R3SET to work with the Inclusive Leadership Cohort group to clarify their project and how our methodology would support them in the impact they were seeking. The Leadership cohort consisted of Board members and high-level executives from Berkshire Bank, Mass Mocha, The Mount, and CATA.

To achieve success, we worked with the leadership cohort using our impact guidance system to gain a clear understanding of the problem. In addition, we provide a uniquely curated project planning approach to help them address the goals of the project head-on.  

As the result of the Idea jam, we had over 30 participants from the Berkshire Black Community who gave their insights into this crucial issue. As Mya Angelou says, “creativity is our most abundant resource.

The idea jam is a great way to engage the creativity of all community stakeholders in a fun, engaging, and design thinking, solution-oriented experience.

 In addition, the experience provides a rich set of data and actionable intelligence that each organization can take and incorporate the findings and recommendations into their organization. 

Please see the testimonials from the event.

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