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Prioritizing your work like a dead president

  • Posted 12 months ago

Back again to share another framework to throw in your renegade productivity toolbox.

Productivity isn’t a cookie-cutter recipe – ’cause let’s be real, what works for Sally, the relationship coach, might not vibe with Gary running a marketing agency.

But there’s one universal tool so flexible yet so robust it transcends the boundaries of your personal style or professional arena. (ok there’s quite a few, this is a series after all; links in the comments)

Say hello to the Eisenhower Matrix! 🎯

Picture this. It’s Thursday morning, you’ve got a Venti cold brew or a butter-filled, french press coffee in your hand (no judgment here, sometimes the Thursday struggle is real ☕️😅) and an Everest-sized mountain of tasks in front of you.

Panic? Nope. Procrastinate? Not today, satan.

We’re grabbing the Eisenhower Matrix for some serious task-taming!

What’s the Eisenhower Matrix, you ask? Named after the 34th U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, it’s a simple grid. Yep, just a 2×2 grid.

But not just any grid, it’s a magic square that segments your tasks into four categories below; I’ll also put a good rule of thumb to how to deal with each in parenthesis:

1️⃣ Urgent & Important (Do)

2️⃣ Important, Not Urgent (Plan)

3️⃣ Urgent, Not Important (Delegate)

4️⃣ Not Urgent & Not Important (Eliminate)

Urgent & Important tasks are your top priority.

Like saving your client’s website from crashing or meeting that grant proposal deadline. 🚨

They demand immediate action and often carry significant consequences if not addressed.

Important, Not Urgent tasks are strategic moves, your power plays.

Think about building your online course, drafting that business expansion plan, or reading and IMMEDIATELY APPLYING that productivity post . 😉

They won’t set your world on fire if they’re not done right now, but they’re essential for long-term success.

Urgent, Not Important tasks are the ultimate illusions.

They scream NOW, but are they actually valuable? Checking emails every 10 minutes, anyone? Time to delegate, folks! 👥

You’re the entrepreneur, coach, consultant – don’t lose sight of the big picture.

Not Urgent & Not Important tasks…well, they’re self-explanatory.

Do we really need to check social media for the 15th time today? Crickets chirping 🦗

Nope, didn’t think so. Swipe left, eliminate, and breathe in that newfound time freedom.

Implementing this magical matrix will revolutionize your day-to-day. But wait…we’re not done yet. 💡👍

A few tips to maximize the Eisenhower Matrix:

1️⃣ Be brutally honest with yourself. It’s easy to confuse urgency with importance. Don’t fall into the trap!

2️⃣ Check in with your matrix regularly. Things change, and so will the quadrants your tasks fall into.

3️⃣ Remember to delegate! As entrepreneurs, we can have a bad habit of wanting to do it all. But guess what? You don’t have to (and shouldn’t).

4️⃣ Beware of the quadrant 4. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of productivity. It’s easy to get lost here. Navigate with caution! 🚧

Productivity, my fellow outcasts, and renegades, isn’t just about ticking off boxes. It’s about achieving more, stress-free, with a clear mind and focused vision.

It’s about embracing tools like the Eisenhower Matrix to get there. Let’s show Thursday who’s boss, shall we? 🔥

Stay productive, stay focused, and you’ll be dodging bullets to your productivity just like the matrix!

Let me know how the Eisenhower Matrix works for you, or if you’ve got a secret productivity weapon of your own.

Sharing is caring after all! 🙌💬

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